Supporting Education Reform

Non-profit work such as ours depends on financial support to accomplish our critical mission. We are grateful for the generous support of our past and present funders and collaborators that are deeply concerned about the future of education. Their support enables us to continue building dynamic leaders for educational reform. We welcome new contributions of all kinds. Let us know how you’d like to be involved.

The Hunt Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions to the Institute are tax-deductible.

Why Support Education?

Education is more than the cornerstone of our democracy. It is also the engine of a thriving economy. But as the demands of increasingly global markets require a skilled workforce with highly technical knowledge, America is falling behind.

Once the envy of the industrialized world, a public education in the United States is now on par with that of emerging nations. If this downward trend continues, we will thwart the chances for our young people to compete in this global economy, and the status of the United States as a great power will be a memory.

To reverse this crippling situation, The Hunt Institute equips leaders to make informed decisions that create and maintain educational standards that are second to none in the world. We believe that governors, lieutenant governors, legislators, and other key policymakers are in the best position to effect meaningful education reform. The outcome we seek: improving the lives of all American children through quality education. Please join us in this critical fight.

Getting Measurable Results

The Hunt Institute has staked a claim for American education. We will be satisfied with nothing less than a quality education for every child, preparing them for citizenship, college and work. To that end, we are building on a solid nonpartisan foundation to reach more governors, lieutenant governors, legislators and other education leaders.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Convened five annual Governors Education Symposia, our flagship event. Topics have covered attracting and keeping excellent teachers, setting the agenda and staying the course in public education, boosting the economic engine of global competition.
  • Introduced the Lieutenant Governors Education Symposium in 2005 to provide Lieutenant Governors with an intensive and rich summary of the critical educational issues facing the nation’s public schools. This information was coupled with advice on a variety of political and policy strategies to address these issues. The Institute has had one follow-up Symposium.
  • Facilitated five annual education retreats for North Carolina legislators on various topic including creativity and entrepreneurship in the new economy, confronting literacy in the middle grades, the need for improved assessment systems, honing our competitive edge, world-class math and science standards, and the importance of quality data systems.
  • Launched the North Carolina Science Summit for local education leaders and science teachers to discuss the crisis in science education and building a systemic approach to improvement.

How to Support

Improving education for every student in America will require a team effort from all corners. Together we can turn the crisis in American education around. Join us in our mission to prepare our leaders to make informed decisions . Individuals and organizations alike are partnering with us by sponsoring events, programs, research and general operations. To learn more about how you can contribute to this important mission, please contact us.

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