Events for Policymakers on Education Reform

The Hunt Institute believes that elected officials and key policymakers, including governors, lieutenant governors, and legislative leaders, are in the most advantageous place to affect systemic education reform. Over the past five years, the Hunt Institute has gained the trust of these leaders by:

  • Identifying the most critical issues facing education
  • Providing research-based information that informs decision-making
  • Engaging the best expertise available
  • Presenting best practices that are getting positive results

To achieve our mission for educational reform, we equip and empower policymakers to make a tangible difference. Our signature approach is bringing together leaders for several days of candid, nonpartisan dialogue. In a private setting away from the daily pressures of their positions, they can delve into the most substantive issues in education, sharing proven solutions and learning the latest research. The result: Leaders ready to make real headway toward improving education.

Rather than merely emphasizing trends of the moment, our team tracks issues and resources that will benefit policymakers most. This extensive research helps us determine current issues, anticipate new challenges, and identify the state and national experts most qualified to recommend effective strategies.

Who attends?

Our invitation-only annual symposia are specifically designed for state governors, lieutenant governors, and their policy staff. We also hold an education policy retreat for North Carolina legislators and issue-specific conferences such as the English Language Learners. To all our events, we invite leading policy experts, researchers, and other thought leaders to help frame and inform the discussion.