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The Hunt Institute’s re:VISION focuses on critical issues in education policy – highlighting key research for policymakers and prompting discussion of solutions within states and across the nation. 


coNCepts is a state-specific policy primer of The Hunt Institute. Each issue focuses on a critical topic in education policy, highlights key research for North Carolina policymakers, and prompts discussion of solutions.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? is the North Carolina education policy fact sheet of The Hunt Institute. Each issue provides legislators and other state policymakers with brief, jargon-free facts and figures about key education issues facing our state.


The Hunt Institute constantly scans the research landscape for the best thinking on education reform. We also commission reports on critical issues and promising new solutions. Here, you’ll find research papers, issue briefs, and presentations from leading experts on a wide range of education topics; and case studies of current issues in education outlining different state initiatives in that area.