“I’m so grateful to the Institute for getting us together – reminding or helping us see how much we have in common here. I hope all of us going home a little more resolved, maybe a little more courageous.”

– Former Governor Mitch Daniels (R – Indiana)

“I think The Hunt Institute is going to be a key factor in ensuring that the outcomes of our students all across America make the United States really competitive in an increasingly global economy.”

– Former Governor Jim Douglas (R – Vermont)

“The Hunt Institute is a great organization because it brings together some of the best Thinking, and more importantly, the best practices of those people that have actually done it. The Hunt Institute is a valuable tool for governors because it allows us to meet, and to be made aware of people that are actually implementing good policy and actually making it work – bringing about real results for real people.”

– Former Governor Martin O’Malley (D – Maryland)

“I’ve been to dozens of conferences and this [GES] is really one of the best because it creates a sense of urgency and a sense of excitement. A good conference creates a sense of urgency and ambition, a sense of hope and opportunity so that people want to get back to work right away. I heard governor after governor saying, I can’t wait to get home and start going to work putting some of this stuff into play.”

– Governor John Hickenlooper (D – Colorado)

“I’m a comeback governor. I was governor for 16 years and had been out for 12. I’m excited about the resources that are now available to help governors provide leadership to improve education. The Hunt Institute and programs like this that are contributing and supporting to improve education are all great resources available to help governors provide leadership to improve American education.”

– Governor Terry Branstad (R – Iowa)


“The Hunt Institute helps us evolve as legislators and policymakers. Their retreats provide a location where we can discuss openly and frankly, and even debate on the issues. It’s just a phenomenal opportunity for us to learn, to grow, to reflect, and challenge some of our beliefs.”

– NC Representative Tricia Cotham (D – District 100)

“I keep everything I have ever received from The Hunt Institute because the information is so valuable. The Institute helps expand our thought process on education issues so that we can hopefully go back to the general assembly and take the steps we need to improve education for the children in North Carolina.”

– NC Representative Justin P. Burr (R – District 67)

“The Institute gives us the tools, it gives us as legislators an opportunity to set a network with our colleagues, but to also network with people in the profession. We don’t get that chance that often and it’s a great asset for us here in North Carolina to have The Hunt Institute to help guide us, to help guide public policy, to have some influence, and to help educate legislators.”

– NC Representative Becky Carney (D – District 102)

“This Institute, may be, if not the best educational leadership and development organization that we have in North Carolina.”

– NC Representative Rick Glazier (D – District 44)

“I think it’s incredible the way The Hunt Institute pulls the right players together. The legislators retreat gives us, as legislators, an opportunity to build a network with our colleagues and people in the education profession.”

– NC Representative Linda P. Johnson (R – District 83)

“The Hunt Institute supplies us with cutting-edge knowledge so that we are very well informed and ready to make good policy decisions along the way.”

– NC Representative Susan Fisher (D – District 144)

“The Hunt Institute is a very important leader in educational policy for the state of North Carolina. It brings legislators together so that we can hear everyone’s perspective and so we can make informed decisions.”

– NC Representative Pat McElraft (R – District 13)