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The Intersection Webinar Recap: The Fordham Institute

Our thanks to Adam Tyner, Ph.D., Associate Director of Research at The Fordham Institute. Adam discussed Fordham's recent report Gotta Give 'Em Credit: State and District Variation in Credit Recovery Participation Rates which examined the prevalence of and enrollment in credit recovery programs—and how this differed based on school types and demographics. Our conversation included insights and the... Read More

Setting and reaching a postsecondary attainment goal – the role of the legislature

By: Representative John Fraley, House District 95, Iredell County

  Representative John Fraley (House District 95, Iredell County) has served in the North Carolina General Assembly since 2015 and currently serves as Chair of the House Education Committee on Universities and Chair of the House Education Appropriations Committee. Representative Fraley serves on the Postsecondary Committee of the myFutureNC Commission... Read More

The Intersection Webinar Recap: Accountability for School Improvement and College and Career Readiness

Our thanks to Kim Anderson, Senior Policy Researcher at the Southern Regional Education Board. SREB's recent report Accountability for School Improvement and College and Career Readiness covers findings on accountability for college and career readiness as articulated in approved state ESSA plans as well as regional trends that shows 5 ways states prioritize readiness.... Read More

Strengthening Standards, Teaching and Tests in a Deep Red State

By: John White, Louisiana State Superintendent of Schools, written for FutureEd

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in the FutureEd Interviews by FutureEd, an independent, solution-oriented think tank at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. It has been republished with permission. In his seven years as Louisiana’s state superintendent of schools, John White has introduced new academic standards, new curricula and, now, new ways... Read More

Meaningful Partnerships: Lessons from Two Innovative Principal Preparation Programs

We were pleased to have Javaid Siddiqi, President & CEO of the Hunt Institute and Patrick Sims, Director of Policy & Research at the Hunt Institute who shared their recent case study Meaningful Partnerships –Lessons from Two Innovative Principal Preparation Programs. The study highlights two innovative programs – the Northeast Leadership Academy (NELA) in North... Read More

myFutureNC Blog Series: Community Engagement: Supporting a Postsecondary Attainment Goal

By: Nation Hahn, Chief Growth Officer at EducationNC

  Community engagement and support will play a critical role in achieving a postsecondary attainment goal in North Carolina. At the December meeting of the myFutureNC Commission, Nation Hahn, Chief Growth Officer at EdNC, shared meaningful community partnerships he has discovered while traveling across North Carolina. We invited him to... Read More

The Intersection Webinar Recap: FutureEd

Our thanks to Lynn Olson, a Senior Fellow at FutureEd. Lynn's recent report Scaling Reform: Tennessee's Statewide Teacher Transformation chronicles how Tennessee made valuable changes to the teaching profession. The report points to important lessons for other states seeking to leverage statewide improvements, including Tennessee’s redesign of its state education agency, its balancing... Read More

myFutureNC Blog Series: A Commissioner Q&A

Community colleges in North Carolina serve an important role in reaching a postsecondary attainment goal. We spoke with Peter Hans, President of the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS), to learn more about what makes community colleges unique and ways in which ongoing partnerships with the business community support the... Read More

The Intersection Webinar Recap: Data Quality Campaign

Our thanks to Blair Mann, Communications Director at the Data Quality Campaign. DQC's recent report Using Data to Support and Communicate Effectively about Social-Emotional Learning equips education leaders with the tools needed to talk about social-emotional learning, including how data can help improve school investments in SEL development, how to help teachers... Read More

myFutureNC Blog Series: A Q&A with Rachel Pleasants McDonnell, Associate Director, JFF

For just over a year now, the myFutureNC Commission has been working to create a targeted postsecondary attainment goal for North Carolina. The state attainment goal and the Commission’s accompanying recommendations will, undoubtedly, have positive effects on the student experience across the full education continuum. However, the overarching motivation behind... Read More